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As with any gambling game, players of might like to go into the game with a plan. And, just like any gambling game, a sic bo strategy will never guarantee that you win more more than the casino over a prolonged period of time. Sic Bo is the other casino dice game, and provides players with an alternative to playing craps if they want to gamble with dice. The second horizontal row of bets on the Sic Bo table are two dice bets. Here you place your chips or bets on the combination you believe two of the three dice will roll.

sic bo online

Players place their chips on the table in the area that corresponds to the outcome type they wish to wager on. Once all bets are placed the dealer shakes a small chest, cup, or glass container, which contains the three dice. If they’re using a chest, they will then place it down and open it to reveal the winning combination of numbers. One of the most important things to keep in mind when thinking about a sic bo strategy is that the game is completely determined by chance. In other words, don’t fall into the gambler’s fallacy where you think that the last roll of the dice will somehow influence the outcome of the next roll.

sic bo online

However, the reality is that the probability of a triple appearing on the next roll is exactly the same. This is even more pertinent when playing online sic bo at licensed casino sites since the outcome of the dice is 100% random and not potentially corrupted.

Triple Bets

The third strategy is The High-Risk Method aimed at professionals and high-rollers with large bankrolls. Sic Bo isn’t as popular as Craps and Roulette, but it still has quite a loyal following. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll find it in every online casino. There are a few casinos which offer live dealer games, particularly those that cater to Asian players as the table game is especially popular in Asia. Its payouts are just as good, if not better than some of the other tables game.

  • Gambling in these games is no different than playing at a real-life casino.
  • Since each number between 4 and 17 has different odds of coming up, you’ll see payouts of as much as 65 to 1 at online casinos.
  • Bets are taken by the dealer and then the dice are rolled.
  • There’s a live video feed where the sic bo dealer oversees the table and dice shaker.

With regards to land-based casinos, it is predominantly found in Macau , Atlantic City, and Australia. As with most casino games, the best odds will be available in online casinos.

Place Your Bets

Being a game involving three dice, it’s impossible to confidently predict the outcome. That said, there are some methods which can be adopted by players. The Low-Risk Method is a defensive type of play designed for rooky players with a small bankroll.

This strategy involves placing simple bets to slowly gather wins and limit your losses altogether. The Medium Risk Method is intended for players with a medium sized bankroll and are willing to place more complex wagers. In this strategy, the idea is to make small combination bets to increase your chances of winning.

Don’t Get Tempted To Bet On Too Many Areas

This is because they can run many games with many players all at once without the need to pay dealers or have space to place the tables in, like in a real like casino. So if you are searching for the best possible odds when it comes to Sic Bo, and most other games, then do some searching online. As with most casino games, there can be slight differences in the odds and game formats depending upon where you’re playing from. Generally, the game is played on a large table which has all the betting options available printed on it under plastic. Lights shine up through the plastic betting field to indicate bet options.

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